Labor-Greens failures leaving thousands of Canberrans without a home


Canberra Liberals leader Elizabeth Lee has once again slammed the ACT Labor-Greens government for their failures that are contributing to the housing affordability crisis.

“For months, the Canberra Liberals have been calling out the heartless infill agenda of this Labor-Greens government that has denied tens of thousands of Canberrans their dream of owning their own home,” Ms Lee said.

“Over the past year, we have seen tens of thousands of hopeful Canberrans line up for mere hundreds of blocks and countless Canberrans have missed out time and time again on the opportunity to live in their own home.

“In the midst of a chronic skills shortage, the construction industry’s stark warning of the downturn in building activity with lack of land being the ‘main driver’ is going to have a devastating effect on aspiring homeowners in Canberra.

"Labor and the Greens must accept the considerable impact their polices are having on the housing affordability crisis and the serious effect it is having on our community.”

Recent land ballots have shown there is significant demand for detached housing;

  • Macnamara 7,400 applicants for 51 blocks (June 2022)
  • Whitlam 12,417 applicants for 101 blocks (February 2022)
  • Macnamara 8,700 applicants for 71 blocks (November 2021)
  • Whitlam 7,566 applicants for 92 blocks (March 2021)