Labor split with Rattenbury over sentence review makes his position untenable


New calls from Labor backbench member Dr Marisa Paterson to conduct a full review into sentencing in the ACT shows a split in the government and makes the Greens’ Attorney-General’s position utterly untenable, according to Shadow Police Minister Jeremy Hanson.

In response to petitions by Tom McLuckie, who tragically lost his son to a speeding driver on the wrong side of the road, ALP member Dr Paterson stated, “I do also support your call for a review of sentencing in the ACT…the community should feel confidence in these decisions- particularly around judgements for serious criminal offences.”

Mr Hanson said this makes Mr Rattenbury’s stubborn refusal to conduct a review into sentencing and bail impossible to maintain.

“Backbenchers in his own government are calling for it to be done,” said Mr Hanson.

“This statement joins calls from the Police Association, the families of victims of crime, and the Canberra Liberals, who have called for a review for years.”

The Australian Federal Police Association has told the Attorney-General to “stop pursuing political ideologies" and described the Territory's sentencing and bail processes as "fundamentally flawed and dangerously inadequate".

A clearly frustrated Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has also recently spoken publicly about the record number of appeals against sentences "clearly short of community standards".

“With police, victim’s families, the DPP, the Opposition and now government and members seemingly all on the same page, it is untenable for the Attorney-General to continue in his position any longer.

If the Attorney-General still refuses to conduct a review into sentencing and bail by the time Mr McLuckie’s petitions are tabled in the Assembly, the Opposition will immediately call for Mr Rattenbury’s resignation or removal and will move a motion of no-confidence in him continuing as Attorney-General,” concluded Mr Hanson.