ACT Labor-Greens government must allow and encourage compromised Optus customers to replace their driver's licence number


Shadow Minister for Regulatory Services Ed Cocks MLA is calling on the ACT Labor-Greens government to follow the NSW Government’s example and move quickly to allow and encourage victims of the Optus hack to replace their driver’s licence number.

Following the significant compromise of the personal data of millions of Australians including driver’s licences, the ACT Labor-Greens government must act urgently ensure Canberrans are protected from identify theft.

“This is one of those times when speed and responsiveness is critical,” Mr Cocks said.

“Customer’s names, dates of birth, phone numbers, email addresses, street addresses, passports and driver’s licences have been compromised.

“Without quick action from the ACT Labor-Greens government, Canberrans are vulnerable to identity theft.

“The NSW Government already has a process to replace licence numbers and is actively encouraging NSW victims to do so.

“Inaction by the ACT Labor-Greens government will only make already distressed victims even more vulnerable to identity theft,” Mr Cocks concluded.