Labor-Greens government backflips on commitment to provide a green waste facility to Belconnen


The ACT Labor-Greens government have rejected a DA for the temporary green waste facility on Stockdill Drive.

Shadow Minister for Planning and Land Management and Liberal MLA for Ginninderra Peter Cain said it is disappointing the Labor-Greens government have backflipped on its commitment to ensure a green waste facility is open in North Canberra.

“Ensuring the continuation of a green waste facility in North Canberra has been a difficult task and it is clear this Labor-Greens government have no interest in providing this service to thousands of Canberra residents and businesses who use it regularly,” Mr Cain said.

“The Labor-Greens government first announced their intention to close the green waste facility in 2021 which was halted after more than 2000 residents signed a petition which I sponsored.

“Since then, the government has reluctantly committed to keeping the current facility open, and to provide a temporary solution until a permanent site could be found in the Belconnen area.

“It comes as no surprise that now the Labor-Greens government has backtracked on this commitment by rejecting the DA for the temporary green waste facility.

“I’ve written to the Minister asking for clarification on why the DA was rejected, and what the Government will be doing to ensure a facility stays open in the Belconnen area.

“As far as I can see, the concerns that caused the DA to be rejected are largely to do with internal ACT Government Agencies not communicating.

“Belconnen desperately needs a green waste facility; As a local MLA for this area, I strongly urge the Labor-Greens government to find a location in the Belconnen region as soon as possible,” Mr Cain concluded.