Parton to pursue missing public housing money in Estimates today


Shadow Minister for Housing Mark Parton will today put forward a number of questions in Estimates Hearings regarding the significant shortfall in funding for public housing against what was promised by the Labor-Greens government.

In July, the Canberra Liberals raised that across three budget periods from 2015-2018, $699 million of investment in public housing was promised, however only $80 million was actually appropriated through to 2020.

Mr Parton said since this issue was raised, the Minister for Housing has failed to front the media and explain to Canberrans where the money has gone.

“To this point, the Minister has only hurled insults at the Canberra Liberals, instead of addressing the very basic question of where the money has gone,” Mr Parton said.

“We know that money raised through the asset recycling program where public housing dwellings were solid off to receive a 15 per cent Commonwealth top up went into the light rail project.

“The Minister has failed to provide any clear figures that show how much revenue the Labor-Greens government received from selling housing stock and where that money went.

“What we do know is that public housing stock has fallen under this Minister. The report on Government Services show there were 11,063 public housing dwellings in 2011 but only 10,859 in 2021.

“We currently have 3060 Canberrans on the public housing waitlist and with all the money that has been promised by the Labor-Greens government why has that not resulted in an increase in houses for people who need it?

“Either this Minister has no idea where money is being spent in her portfolio or she is not being upfront with Canberrans,” Mr Parton concluded.