CSIRO site should remain on the table for housing


Canberra Liberals Leader Elizabeth Lee is calling on all parties in the ACT Legislative Assembly to write to their federal counterparts urging them to support the release of the CSIRO Ginninderra site to help ease the housing crisis.

Ms Lee said in early 2022, prior to the federal election, the Australian Government committed to the sale of 243 hectares of the CSIRO site for housing for Canberrans.

“Demand for housing in Canberra, particularly detached housing is at crisis point, and is not being met by the ACT Labor-Greens government,” Ms Lee said.

“Based on average block size in Canberra the 243 hectares of land identified would provide an additional 2000 homes.

“To put this into context, the ACT Labor-Greens Government is planning on releasing a mere 4,171 blocks over the next five years.

“Canberrans are doing it tough when it comes to housing and we must be doing everything we can to help relieve the housing crisis. That is why I am calling on all parties in the Assembly to urge their federal counterparts to release the CSIRO site to the market as soon as possible.

“The Labor-Greens government must also commit to allowing low and medium density housing at the site, in keeping with Canberrans’ housing preference; and what is clearly currently starkly missing on the market.

“Recent land release ballots have seen thousands and thousands of Canberrans apply for a few blocks; with the most recent at Macnamara receiving 1700 entries within hours for just 51 blocks.

“The ACT Labor-Greens government’s land release policy of 70 per cent infill is making the housing crisis worse. After more than 20 years in government they have failed to adequately plan for the sustainable growth of our city, and this is another way we can help address the crisis,” Ms Lee concluded.