Dhulwa nurses need to be protected today


The Canberra Liberals will today call for a Legislative Assembly committee to examine the urgent need to increase protection for nurses at Dhulwa Mental Health Facility.

Shadow Minister for Health, Mental Health and Wellbeing Leanne Castley said the ACT Labor-Greens government should not wait until the outcome of an independent inquiry before acting to keep Dhulwa nurses safe.

“This week we learned there were nine attacks on nurses in April and the union has said it is seriously concerned a nurse could lose their life at work,” Ms Castley said.

“While the Canberra Liberals have continually called for and welcomes an inquiry, Dhulwa nurses need increased security and better protection now."

Ms Castley’s Motion calls on the Assembly to refer to the Standing Committee on Health and Community Wellbeing the following matters:

  • The adequacy of current security and staff safety arrangements to protect nurses at Dhulwa;
  • Staff numbers and roles/positions to ensure staff are safe and protected at work;
  • Current protocols and procedures for staff responding to, and reporting on, incidents and violence.