Minister cannot point to one thing Labor-Greens government has done to protect Dhulwa nurses


Despite repeated questions from the Canberra Liberals in Question Time today, Minister for Mental Health Emma Davidson could not point to one measure the Labor-Greens government has taken to keep Dhulwa nurses safe.

Minister Davidson had ample opportunity to detail what the government was doing to protect Dhulwa nurses but failed.

“Nurses at Dhulwa fear for their safety today, yet the Minister could not point to one thing the government has done to protect them at work,” Shadow Health Minister Leanne Castley said.

“An independent inquiry will not protect our nurses. What they need right now is increased security, proper protection and to know they can speak out without being blamed or penalised by management.”

Minister Davidson did reveal there had been nine more attacks on nurses in April but refused to say if she would close the facility if more attacks occurred.