ACT needs housing choices survey update


Canberra Liberals Leader Elizabeth Lee is calling on the ACT Labor-Greens Government to commit to updating the ACT Housing Choices Community Survey.

The current Housing Choices Community Survey known as the ‘Winton Report’ was released in 2015 and found that only 2 per cent of Canberrans want to live in high density apartments.

“This Labor-Greens Government cannot refuse to collect new data about how and where Canberrans want to live because they’re scared the result won’t support their 70 per cent infill policy agenda,” Ms Lee said.

“It’s time for fresh data to inform the future of land release, development and planning in the ACT.

“Canberrans deserve real leadership when it comes to addressing the housing crisis but what we’re seeing from Labor and the Greens is wilful ignorance.

“The 2015 survey found that an overwhelming majority of Canberrans want to live in medium and low-density housing, and this Labor-Greens Government cannot hide from that.

“If Labor and the Greens are serious about addressing the housing crisis here in the ACT, there should be no hesitation in commissioning a fresh survey,” Ms Lee concluded.