Long list of failures mounting against Labor-Greens Government


Canberra Liberals Leader Elizabeth Lee has slammed the ACT Labor-Greens Government for their lack of accountability on the back of ongoing violence in Canberra’s schools.

There is a long list of failures mounting against the Labor-Greens Government, including a WorkSafe ACT prohibition notice issued to Calwell High School as an unsafe workplace, as well as horrific violence against nurses at the government run Dhulwa mental health facility.

“Labor and the Greens are lurching from one crisis to another,” Ms Lee said.

“This is a government that refuses to accept responsibility for the litany of failures that have occurred under their watch.

“In the last few months alone, we have seen:

• unsafe schools that have led to prohibition notices being issued to Calwell High school

• nurses being abused and assaulted daily at Dhulwa

• a housing affordability crisis resulting in the highest rental costs in the country

• serious lack of probity in procurement processes that has led to a scathing Auditor-General’s report, Integrity Commission inquiry and the government admitting the system is broken

• failure to properly communicate and relocate public housing tenants

• a failing prison system with poor culture and not enough staff at the AMC

• the longest emergency department wait times and elective surgery shortfalls

• children not getting fed in the paediatric ward at the Canberra Hospital

• ACT Health officials refusing to release covid related health information to the Health Minister and the public

• Belconnen residents being abandoned after the storm with significant property damage still not attended to

• a planning system that is so broken the government has admitted defeat and redrafted the entire Planning Act.

“It is not just the Canberra Liberals saying this, last week ACTCOSS, the Education Union and Nursing Federation all publicly criticised the actions of this Labor-Greens Government.

“This is a government that is more interested in protecting their political alliance than protecting our children, teachers and nurses.

“This was demonstrated last week by every member of Labor and the Greens voting against accountability for the horrific violence we see in our schools.

“It is clear, this is a government governing for themselves, not for Canberrans and as a result the list of significant failures continues to pile up,” Ms Lee concluded.