Canberra’s nurses deserve better


How many more nurses will be attacked at Dhulwa Mental Health Unit before Minister Davidson conducts an urgent inquiry the union is calling for, Shadow Minister for Health, Mental Health and Wellbeing Leanne Castley said today.

Ms Castley was responding to reports of further assaults on Dhulwa nurses and staff overnight along with reports that WorkSafe ACT inspectors visited Dhulwa and have ordered compliance action for breach of duty under WHS legislation.

Staff have told Ms Castley that one nurse was assaulted resulting in a fracture, a staff member was hit in the face and a doctor and security guard were attacked and needed hospital treatment.

“How many more nurses will be attacked before Minister Davidson conducts an urgent inquiry into the violence and staff safety at Dhulwa?” said Ms Castley.

“Canberra’s nurses deserve better. Nurses are pleading with the ACT Labor-Greens Government to keep them safe yet the Minister has turned her back on them.

“This is a grave situation the government can no longer ignore.”

Ms Castley said an inquiry was urgently needed particularly as there has been no independent inquiry into Dhulwa since it opened in July 2017.

Ms Casltey visited Dhulwa on March 16 and has spoken to a number of scared Dhulwa nurses who fear for their lives.

“One nurse has likened working at Dhulwa to being sent into the killing fields. What will it take for Minister Davidson to do her job and act,” Ms Castley concluded.