Labor-Greens Government backflip on botched tenant relocation project


After sustained pressure from the Canberra Liberals and community groups, the ACT Labor-Greens Government has reluctantly agreed to review the tenant relocation project associated with the public housing growth and renewal program.

Shadow Minister for Housing Mark Parton said the Labor-Greens Government has botched the entire process.

“It has been a complete train-wreck with the government seeking advice from community organisations in the lead up to the implementation but then completely ignoring the advice,” Mr Parton said.

“Labor and the Greens clearly have no regard for it’s most vulnerable citizens and has tried to forcibly remove long term tenants from homes that are in perfectly good condition.”

Mr Parton’s office was inundated with calls and emails from distressed tenants who say they were blindsided by the harsh letters from ACT Housing. No support was offered to individuals receiving relocation letters.

ACTCOSS announced this morning that the government had agreed to a review of the process with a particular focus on the seemingly non-existent discretion provisions. According to ACTCOSS the “Minister’s did not put a timeframe on the review”.

“The Labor-Greens Government should be very clear that as the Shadow Minister, I’ll be scrutinising this process very closely to make sure that it actually occurs and that it provides better outcomes,” Mr Parton concluded.