Minister fails to express confidence in the ACT independent training sector


The Minister for Skills, Chris Steel has failed to express his confidence in the quality of training delivered by the ACT independent training sector.

During Annual Reports hearings today, Shadow Minister for Vocational Training and Skills James Milligan asked the Minister why so little funding went to the independent sector following a recent Report on Government Services that indicates almost 80 per cent of students in the VET sector attend private and independent RTO’s yet receive less than 20 per cent of funding.

“When I queried this number, the Minister failed to express his confidence in the independent training sector," Mr Milligan said.

“Instead of answering the question, the Minister only repeated his support for CIT as the premier government institution, clearly failing to back the quality of training provided by the independent sector.

“The Canberra Liberals strongly support the work of the CIT in the ACT and acknowledge the RTO’s taking on the majority of students and are asking for a more equitable distribution of money flowin through to other sectors in the industry.

"We have complete confidence in both the CIT and the independent training sector in the ACT and think they do a terrific job in delivering quality courses and training to the many students who enrol in these institutions,” concluded Mr Milligan.