No transparency from Labor-Greens Cabinet


Questions from Leader of the Canberra Liberals Elizabeth Lee in Annual Reports hearings this morning have revealed that the Labor-Greens Government has not published cabinet decisions in over six months.

Cabinet decisions are generally expected to be published within 28 days, but none have been published since 9 August 2021.

“Over the last six months the ACT has faced some of the greatest challenges in our history yet there has been no transparency on decisions made by the Labor-Greens Cabinet,” Ms Lee said.

“The Chief Minister is responsible for the transparency and accountability of his government, and he has failed Canberrans.

“It is more important now than ever for governments to be transparent with their decisions, yet this Labor-Greens Government has failed to fulfil its responsibilities on Cabinet transparency for over six months.

“If the Labor-Greens Government have not published cabinet documents in six months, it begs the question of what else the Labor-Greens Government is not being upfront with Canberrans about” Ms Lee concluded.