Labor-Greens Government’s Secure Local Jobs Code compliance over-reach


This sitting week, the Labor-Greens Government passed legislation that will remove the right to reply of an employer relating to their compliance with the Secure Local Jobs Code. This code governs the issue of a Secure Local Jobs Code Certificate for a business that contracts for work for the government.

“The government has the ability to audit a holder of a certificate, but under changes this week the registrar will be able to suspend an employer’s certificate if the registrar believes they have ‘reasonable grounds’ to do so," said Shadow Minister for Jobs and Workplace Affairs Peter Cain.

“This decision can be made before the employer has an opportunity to reply to the registrar’s concerns, for example, by producing evidence to support their compliance with the code."

This new power will be effective from 1 March this year, a time when businesses are already struggling with COVID restrictions.

“Employers and businesses should not be placed in a position of such uncertainty where their certificate could be cancelled at any time because the registrar suspects non-compliance, especially when the employer has no opportunity to respond.

“This is simply unfair for employers and more uncertainty for holders of a certificate,” Mr Cain concluded.