Jeremy Hanson appointed Deputy Leader of the Canberra Liberals


Jeremy Hanson has been elected Deputy Leader of the Canberra Liberals following the resignation of Giulia Jones.

Canberra Liberals Leader Elizabeth Lee congratulated Mr Hanson and said she looks forward to working together towards a change of government in 2024.

“Jeremy brings a wealth of experience to the position and has been a strong performer for the Canberra Liberals for some time now,” Ms Lee said.

“Just this term alone, Jeremy has advocated strongly for our Police Force in the ACT and put forward a comprehensive education strategy while highlighting serious failings of the Labor-Greens Government.

“As a senior member of the Canberra Liberals Team, I have no doubt Jeremy will bring many strengths to the role of Deputy Leader as we continue to hold this Labor-Greens Government to account and put forward a fresh vision for Canberra in 2024.”

Mr Hanson said “it is a privilege to be elected as Deputy Leader of the Canberra Liberals and I am excited to continue the strong work of Leader Elizabeth Lee and former Deputy Giulia Jones.

“I look forward to taking on this new challenge and supporting our Leader Elizabeth Lee as we look towards winning government in 2024,” Mr Hanson said.