Elizabeth Lee announces Shadow Cabinet reshuffle


Canberra Liberals Leader Elizabeth Lee has this morning announced a Shadow Cabinet reshuffle following the election of new Deputy Leader, Jeremy Hanson.

“This is an opportunity for a slight reshuffle of the Shadow Cabinet,” Ms Lee said.

“I will step away from the Shadow Attorney General portfolio which will go to Peter Cain and I will retain Treasury and Economic Development, Tourism and Major Projects. In addition to Climate Action I will also take on Energy and Emissions Reduction.

“Giulia Jones will take on Early Childhood Education and retain Multicultural Affairs while Leanne Castley will add Health, Mental Health and Wellbeing to her portfolios.

“Nicole Lawder will take on the position of Opposition Whip along with Environment, Heritage and Water,” concluded Ms Lee.

ACT Shadow Ministries

Tenth Assembly

Elizabeth Lee MLA

Leader of the Opposition


Climate Action, Energy and Emissions Reduction

Economic Development, Tourism and Major Projects

Jeremy Hanson MLA

Deputy Leader of the Opposition

Education and Higher Education


Veterans Affairs

Mark Parton MLA

Deputy Speaker


Housing and Homelessness

Gaming and Community Clubs

Sustainable Building and Construction

Nicole Lawder MLA

Opposition Whip

City Services




Environment, Heritage and Water

Peter Cain MLA


Assistant Treasurer

Regulatory Services

Jobs and Workplace Affairs

Planning and Land Management

Leanne Castley MLA


Health, Mental Health and Wellbeing

Giulia Jones MLA

Multicultural Affairs

Early Childhood Education

Elizabeth Kikkert MLA

Families, Youth and Community Services

Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs

James Milligan MLA


Emergency Services

Vocational Training and Skills

Sport and Recreation