Recredit Leave for Frontline Healthcare Workers


After pressure from the Canberra Liberals last week, all ACT healthcare workers were given access to COVID-19 leave to ensure that hardworking frontline workers were not using annual or personal leave to undertake mandatory isolation.

In a letter to the ACT Health Minister, Shadow Minister for Health Giulia Jones is now calling on the Labor-Greens Government to recredit leave balances to frontline healthcare workers who previously used personal or annual leave to isolate.

“This is simply a matter of equity and respect for our frontline healthcare workers,” Mrs Jones said.

“Healthcare workers have told me that staff who had already used personal leave for COVID isolation have not had that leave restored.

“This Labor-Greens Government needs to back Canberra’s frontline healthcare workers who have worked so hard to keep our community safe during COVID-19.

“This is just another example of the Labor-Greens Government’s failure to pay attention to the detail in health,” Mrs Jones concluded.

A copy of Mrs Jones letter is available on request.