Unemployment skyrockets under Labor-Greens Government


The latest Labour Force report from the ABS has revealed that ACT unemployment has reached 4.5 per cent - the second highest in Australia.

Shadow Minister for Jobs Peter Cain has called on the Labor-Greens Government to take responsibility for these figures and work toward creating an environment where the private business sector can thrive.

“After 20 years of a Labor-Greens Government Canberra’s private sector is drowning under excessive regulation and taxation and as a result the jobs market is suffering,” Mr Cain said.

“This Labor-Greens Government must take responsibility and work toward a solution for Canberra.

“The Canberra Liberals call on the Labor-Greens government to review the ACT’s regulatory environment and ways in which the business community can be best supported to create more jobs.

“This Labor-Greens Government cannot rely on public service employment alone, and needs to look for ways to encourage private sector growth to create more jobs for Canberrans,” Mr Cain concluded.

The ABS data can be accessed here: Labour Force, Australia, December 2021 | Australian Bureau of Statistics (abs.gov.au)