Petition calls for more fenced playgrounds


A petition tabled in the Legislative Assembly yesterday calls on the ACT Government to develop a standard for playgrounds that are appropriate for autistic children.

The petition, which was sponsored by the Shadow Minister for Health Giulia Jones received 451 signatures.

“As a mother of children with autism, my first act in this Assembly called on the ACT Government to provide safe playgrounds for children in the ACT,” Mrs Jones said.

“Nine years later, and I am still pushing this issue.

“But now it’s not about me anymore; my children are too old for the kids parks and they are not really a danger to themselves anymore.

“This is about Canberra families under incredible strain every single day just to achieve the things that people think are normal and easy.”

Mrs Jones’ petition calls for:

  • the development of a standard for fully fenced playgrounds incorporating the needs of families of children with autism
  • the construction fenced playgrounds at Kambah and Throsby with fences of a least 1.6 metres and
  • the repair all fully fenced playgrounds in the ACT.

“Mothers love to meet up at fenced playgrounds.

“It’s a chance for some vital social time where mums can actually relax and chat with other adults without stressing about a toddler ending up on the road,” Mrs Jones concluded.