Greens Leader and Senior Cabinet Minister ‘unaware’ of Government investments in gambling and gaming


It was revealed in Estimates hearings yesterday that Greens Leader and Minister for Gaming Shane Rattenbury has no knowledge of the ACT Government’s strong investment portfolio in gambling and gaming companies.

When asked by Shadow Minister for Gaming, Racing and Community Clubs Mark Parton about the share portfolio which includes Aristocrat Leisure, Betmakers Technology Group, Crown Resorts and Tabcorp, Minister Rattenbury told the hearing he ‘was not actually aware of that’.

“It is astounding that the Leader of the Greens, a senior member of the Labor-Greens Government who has been in the Legislative Assembly for over a decade has no knowledge of this extensive portfolio in betting and gaming,” Mr Parton said.

“On the one hand you have the Greens Leader marching out into the public space and telling everyone how evil gaming is while the government, that he is a senior member of is investing in companies that make their money off gambling.

“During 2017 Estimates hearings Greens MLA Caroline Le Couteur questioned the ACT Government’s investments in poker machine manufacturers that the ACT Labor-Greens Government still invests in today.

“At the time Ms Le Couteur was the only other Greens member in the Legislative Assembly outside of Mr Rattenbury, and it is difficult to comprehend he had no knowledge of these investments both then and now.

“The Greens political catch-cry should be ‘do as I say, not as I do’ as this is unbelievably hypocritical from the Leader of the Greens,” Mr Parton concluded.

In Estimates hearings last week, the Chief Minister was questioned about ACT Government shareholdings in fossil fuel companies and even companies who are linked to Child labour and slavery.