Significant increase in Canberra house prices sits squarely with Labor-Greens Government


Canberra Liberals planning spokesperson Peter Cain says the 30 per cent increase in Canberra house prices in the past year sits squarely with the Labor-Greens Government’s failure to supply land for detached housing.

"The ACT Labor-Greens Government control land release and supply in Canberra, including the type of land that is released to the market," Mr Cain said.

“Unit prices actually dropped in the past year, so there’s obviously been less demand and an over supply on that front. The demand is for houses, and the Labor-Greens Government has been underdelivering and restricting the supply of land for detached houses for years.

"The dream of owning a house with a backyard is slipping away for so many Canberrans and it is very disappointing.

“The Labor-Greens Government set their own land delivery and sales targets and routinely miss them, but have been trying to blame other governments for their failure.

“They have an artificial constraint of 70 per cent infill on our existing footprint imposed by the Greens, and it wasn’t clear from the Minister’s comments in Estimates today whether that infill will categorically rule out developments on existing greens space like parks and ovals.

“They’re also dragging out the investigation for developing Canberra’s Western Edge to increase supply of land for new housing, including detached housing.

“Why doesn’t the Labor-Greens Government take housing choices more seriously, and I’d like to see them take responsibility for the things actually within their control”, concluded Mr Cain.