7400 local jobs lost in a month and more to come


Business Minister Tara Cheyne revealed in Estimates hearings today that 7400 jobs were lost in September 2021. The Minister also revealed the government has spent almost half a million dollars on KPMG consultants to salvage the business support scheme.

Shadow Business Minister Leanne Castley blamed the government’s lack of support for local business for the 7400 September job losses.

“The hospitality sector employs tens of thousands of Canberrans, yet this Labor-Greens Government continues to punish them with crippling restrictions that will cost more jobs,” Ms Castley said.

“The government talks about a consumer-led recovery, but restrictions are pushing Canberra’s spending power over the border.”

Ms Castley also repeatedly asked Minister Cheyne about the due date for a report about the government’s Better Regulation Taskforce, which was expected on June 30. The Minister could not provide, and instead spoke about ‘snowballing’ to justify the delay.

“The only thing snowballing are the government’s pathetic excuses for inaction.

“This incompetent government is big on announcements but hopeless at delivery, and business knows it,” Ms Castley concluded.