Labor-Greens Government drop the ball on delivering commercial centre for Molonglo


Deputy Leader of the Canberra Liberals and MLA for Murrumbidgee Giulia Jones will today put forward a motion in the Legislative Assembly calling on the ACT Labor-Greens Government to nominate a start date for construction on the Molonglo Group Centre and Surrounds planning framework.

Mrs Jones said this week’s budget has confirmed our worst fears for residents of Molonglo valley that they will wait for even longer for the start of land releases for their shopping district.

“The Molonglo Valley is currently experiencing significant residential growth, with a forecast population of nearly 35,000 by the end of this decade. And the fastest land release region in the territory,” Mrs Jones said.

“Delivery of critical community facilities, shops and services in the Molonglo Valley have been plagued by significant delays, forcing residents to rely on neighbouring facilities in Weston Creek.

“At the last election, Molonglo Valley residents were promised a fast tracked commercial centre only to see the Labor-Greens Government drop the ball once again.

“The Molonglo Valley community are rightfully angry to see in this week’s budget the delay of the commercial centre’s first land release by a further two years.

“This government needs to come clean, table their full plans, and to nominate a start date for construction.”

The motion also calls on the Labor-Greens Government to table to Molonglo Group Centre and Surrounds Planning Framework in full to allow the community the opportunity to analyse these plans.

“Earlier this year the National Capital Design Review Panel reviewed EPSDD’s planning framework for the centre and highlighted significant problems,” Mrs Jones said.

“After 15 years of planning, this is an extraordinary critique of the government’s ability to deliver high quality outcomes for the Molonglo Valley.

“The Planning Minster should be greatly embarrassed to receive such a report,” concluded Mrs Jones.