Stealthing laws pass Legislative Assembly in Australian first


The ACT has today become the first Australian jurisdiction to specifically criminalise stealthing after a Bill introduced by Canberra Liberals Leader Elizabeth Lee passed the Legislative Assembly with unanimous support.

The successful passage of the Bill means that the intentional fraudulent representation about the use of a condom during sex will be a crime.

“Stealthing is a traumatic thing for any person to go through and I am very proud that the ACT has passed nation-leading reforms to specifically criminalise this heinous act.

“A stealthing case has been before the Victorian courts for over two years and the victim is still without a result. We cannot wait for cases to come before courts before stealthing is specifically outlawed – we need to act proactively and send a clear message to the community that this behaviour is unacceptable, and a crime.

“We did extensive consultation with peak bodies, lawyers, academics and advocacy groups to create this Bill and the feedback was overwhelming in its support to ensure that our laws clearly and accurately reflect what the community deems to be unacceptable behaviour.

“I am incredibly proud that the ACT has been able to legislate specifically to criminalise stealthing so that victims and potential victims know that the law is on their side.

“I am under no delusion that legislation alone will stop stealthing from happening, but it is a step in the right direction and, along with public awareness and education, I am confident that we can all work together to stamp out this act.

“I hope that my legislation will motivate other jurisdictions to review their current laws and bring forward their own reforms to specifically criminalise stealthing,” Ms Lee concluded.