Lee to bring on for debate Bill to outlaw stealthing


Leader of the Canberra Liberals and Shadow Attorney-General Elizabeth Lee will bring on the Crimes (Stealthing) Amendment Bill 2021 for debate this Thursday.

Ms Lee’s Bill amends the Crimes Act by inserting a new paragraph that states that an intentional misrepresentation about the use of a condom is a factor that negates consent. This would include both the removal of a condom during sex as well as not using a condom at all when consent was given to intercourse with a condom.

“Stealthing is a heinous thing to do to any person in what is one of our most vulnerable and intimate of moments.

“Not only is it a breach of trust, but also a great violation of bodily autonomy.

“By specifically outlawing stealthing, we are sending a clear message to the community that the law is on their side and that we will not tolerate this behaviour.

“There has been overwhelming support for my Bill both from local and national advocacy groups. The ACT has the opportunity to be a nation leader in legislating stealthing.

“I am grateful for all of the feedback, comments and stories that have been shared with me over the last few months. It is clear that there is a huge appetite for clarity in this area of the law and it is our duty as legislators to respond to that.

“I implore the Labor-Greens Government to support my Bill so that we can, with certainty, outlaw the heinous act of stealthing in the ACT,” Ms Lee concluded.