Long-awaited increase to public housing maintenance funding admission of failure


Following four years of campaigning by the Canberra Liberals, the ACT Labor-Greens Government have finally conceded their public housing maintenance budget was woefully inadequate.

Shadow Minister for Housing Mark Parton has welcomed the announcement today of an additional $80 million over the next three years which is a step in the right the direction but says it is too little, too late.

“This announcement is an admission that the ACT Labor-Greens Government have been letting down public housing residents for years,” Mr Parton said.

“The extra funding towards public housing maintenance comes as a direct result from pressure put on the government by myself and the Canberra Liberals.

“I have made countless representations to the Minister for Housing about individual circumstances; questioned the Minister in the chamber and launched a motion in the Assembly calling upon the government to lift it’s game in this space.

“Vulnerable Canberrans deserve much better than what they have been getting from this government and if you beat the drum loud enough, eventually they will listen.

“I would hope that this announcement is an indication that those residents will get the respect that they deserve.

“We will continue to examine the other components of today’s housing announcement but any additional spending that results in more social and affordable dwellings is welcomed by the Canberra Liberals,” concluded Mr Parton.