Victoria roadmap highlights failure of ACT Labor-Greens Government


The Victoria roadmap out of lockdown announced by the premier today provides the details Canberrans were hopeful of receiving from the Chief Minister last Tuesday.

Last week, many Canberrans were rightly disappointed at the lack of a plan released by the ACT Government. The Chief Minister and the Health Minister repeatedly said that they cannot provide more details because there are too many uncertainties.

Most Canberrans understand that a plan or roadmap would be influenced by case numbers and vaccination rates and that any plan put in place may need to be adjusted. However, to have no plan at all as to how Canberra will safely transition out of lockdown is mind boggling.

The Victoria roadmap sets out the clear vaccination milestones that the state needs to meet in order for schools to go back to classroom teaching; for beauty and hairdressers to operate; for how many patrons will be allowed into venues, just to name a few.

What is most stark about the Victoria roadmap is that when the state reaches 70 per cent vaccination, they will have far more freedoms than the ACT currently has and is anticipated to have for almost another four weeks, despite our nation leading vaccination rates.

The Chief Minister has indicated he will 'check in' again on October 1, two weeks before current restrictions are expected to be eased.

I urge him to do more than ‘check in’; he must provide a proper plan; a proper roadmap; a proper pathway for Canberrans who are pleading for some leadership and a way forward.