​Labor-Greens Government must provide a clear path forward for ACT businesses


Canberra Liberals Leader Elizabeth Lee will today move a motion in the Legislative Assembly calling on the Labor-Greens Government to define a clear path forward for ACT businesses and establish a COVID-19 Business Recovery Taskforce.

Ms Lee said there is a lot of frustration and anger within the business community who are doing it very tough at the moment and receiving little to no support from the Labor-Greens Government.

“Many businesses are angry that the plan out of lockdown promised by the Chief Minister did not eventuate,” Ms Lee said.

“Businesses are no closer to knowing what life beyond October 15 will look like and that is having a huge impact not only on their business, but their staff and families and it is having a significant toll on their mental health.

“This Labor-Greens Government said they were preparing for the last 18 months and would be ready in the case of a lockdown and it is absolutely clear now to the entire community that is not the case.

“What we have been asking for and what we are calling for is some clarity; some certainty; and a plan for a safe transition out of lockdown.

“Businesses are barely hanging on whilst seeing their lifetime dream go down the drain and they need some hope. It is about leaderships and providing a pathway out of this situation so they can get back to making a contribution to our community and doing what they love.”

Ms Lee said the COVID-19 Business Recovery Taskforce would comprise of representatives and leaders from the business community across a range of sectors.

“The purpose of the taskforce is to develop a recovery plan for ACT businesses; inform post-COVID business measures and provide a direct voice from business to the ACT Government,” Ms Lee said.

“The feedback that we have been getting from so many businesses is that decisions are being made that significantly impact them, by people who do not know business.

“Establishing a taskforce, will go a long way in building up good will, trust and confidence with businesses.

“Earlier in the year the Canberra Liberals put forward a motion calling on the Labor-Greens Government to establish a Small Business Ministerial Advisory Council and that was rejected.

“If that had been established and gone ahead, we would have been in a much better position with businesses able to provide strategic and insightful feedback to government about what businesses need at this critical time,” concluded Ms Lee.