Chief Minister misleads Canberrans


During Question Time today, the Chief Minister has admitted to misleading the public when falsely claiming thousands of warning letters were sent to motorists who exceeded the 40km speed limits on Northbourne Avenue prior to July 5.

Appearing on ABC radio last Friday, the Chief Minister told the Canberra community that thousands of warnings were sent out to Canberra motorists.

When asked about the warning letters during Question Time Today, The Minister for Better Regulation revealed no warning letters were sent to motorists during the grace period.

Shadow Minister for Transport Mark Parton said it is clear the Chief Minister is unaware of what is going on inside his government.

“The Chief Minister made this claim on radio five days ago and yet no one from his office or his government has corrected the record since,” Mr Parton said.

“The Chief Minister clearly had no idea if warnings had been sent but made the assumption that a ‘good government’ would send out warnings, unfortunately this is not a good government.

“The comment from the Chief Minister about correcting the record not being on his priority list is a slap in the face to the thousands of Canberrans who have received fines.

“Many of these Canberrans are already struggling to manage their household budgets with high rates, electricity, rents and other cost of living pressures.

“It is clear this Chief Minister is out of touch with Canberrans and is incapable of telling the truth,” concluded Mr Parton.

In just three weeks, 18437 fines were issued, totalling around $4.8 million in revenue. In the 11 months to May last year all red light and fixed speed cameras across the ACT collected $11.54 million.