Labor-Greens Government unable to deliver basic city services


A survey from Canberra Liberals Leader and Member for Kurrajong Elizabeth Lee has highlighted failures by the Labor-Greens Government to address key issues in our local communities.

Responses were received from every suburb in the Kurrajong electorate and revealed that Canberrans are disappointed with the government’s inability to deliver basic city services.

Ms Lee said every single suburb in the Inner North and Inner South raised broken footpaths and roads; dangerous intersections; rising rates of crime; poor lighting; and a lack of parking as major issues that really impact locals.

“This is yet another example of this government unable or unwilling to get the basics right," said Ms Lee.

“While members of the community also raised school capacity, hospital wait times and housing affordability as concerns, lack of local maintenance of our suburbs were a regular feature of survey responses.

“There is an astounding lack of respect from this Labor-Greens Government for Canberrans who work hard to pay their rates, fees and charges, only to have their suburbs neglected.

“These issues might not be deemed ‘sexy’ but we cannot simply forget about the footpaths, streetlights and maintenance of local shops, roads and green spaces. These are the things that affect all Canberrans.

“If this Labor-Greens Government can’t address these basic maintenance issues, how can Canberrans have confidence that they will be able to fix our crumbling health system; our housing affordability crisis; or our faltering education system?

“This government needs to get the basics right and start delivering for Canberrans,” Ms Lee concluded.