Failed ChooseCBR scheme shows the government’s incompetence


The spectacular failure of ChooseCBR, which was so bad the government had to shut it down, shows the incompetence of the Labor-Greens Government.

For weeks the Business Minister has been talking up the revamped scheme and urging businesses and Canberrans to get on board. Yet when they did, the system crashed, with the Minister saying it was all too much.

“The ChooseCBR trial was a dud and the revamped ChooseCBR scheme a complete farce,” Shadow Business Minister Leanne Castley said.

“The Business Minister boasted how great it would be but all it has proved is how hopeless and incompetent this government is.

“Serious questions remain for the Minister including how the government is monitoring the scheme to ensure people do the right thing.

“I raised this concern with the Minister’s office before the scheme began; how can the government guarantee vouchers will not be misused, and the money is going where it is meant to go?”

Other questions include:

  • What is being done about server capacity and the system’s database so ChooseCBR will work next time round?
  • Why did the government get it so wrong and drastically underestimate uptake?
  • How can Canberrans have confidence the almost $400,000 worth of vouchers claimed were genuine purchases?

“The key question to the Minister is can you guarantee ChooseCBR will actually work?” said Ms Castley.

“In other words is the Labor-Greens Government up to the job, because to this point it has been a total failure and a letdown for Canberra businesses,” Ms Castley concluded.