Labor-Greens Government must fix rego rip off


A response to a question on notice has revealed up to 19,000 Canberrans may have been left out of pocket by the Labor-Greens Government after receiving their number plates on average four weeks after paying registration fees during COVID-19 restrictions.

During this period, Canberrans weren’t able to go into Access Canberra shopfronts to collect number plates which were instead sent out via mail.

Shadow Minister for Regulatory Services Peter Cain wrote to the Minister for Business and Better Regulation on behalf of a Belconnen resident requesting the date of registration be pushed forward to the day they received their number plates in the mail; however, this request was declined.

“A month’s car registration makes a big difference to the family budget,” said Mr Cain.

“It is disappointing that the government isn’t more sensitive to the pressures on household budgets.

“While I fully support and understand the measures that were put in place during the restrictions, Canberrans should not have to pay for services they are not receiving.

“This is a chance for the minister and government to do the right thing and ensure Canberrans are getting what they’ve paid for.

“I call on the Minister to “better regulate” and forward date the registrations of all those who received their number plates after paying registration for a period when they did not have their number plates,” concluded Mr Cain.