​Parkwood Road Green Waste Closure a Blow to Belconnen


The Canberra Liberals are urging the Labor-Greens Government to consult with and assist Canberra Sand and Gravel (CSG) to relocate within West Belconnen once the lease on their Parkwood Road site expires at the end of June.

Liberal MLA for Ginninderra Elizabeth Kikkert said residents in West Belconnen will have to drive further to drop off green waste, resulting in increased time, cost and emissions if CSG is forced to relocate.

“The government has told Belconnen residents to take their green waste to Mitchell and Mugga Lane. That is not practical or acceptable,” Mrs Kikkert said.

“If the minster had consulted with CSG, he would know that the Mitchell facility is at 90 per cent capacity and cannot effectively handle an influx of traffic. Mugga Lane is also a considerable distance, a full 50km round trip from Belconnen.

“West Belconnen residents live in one of the leafier areas of Canberra with mature trees, which is good for the environment, but it means for many the green bins are not big enough to cope with the amount of green waste generated.

“So far, the government has not taken this matter seriously, has not consulted with CSG, and when questioned about continuing service elsewhere in West Belconnen, the minister chose to be flippant and showed no concern for those affected.”

Liberal MLA for Ginninderra Peter Cain also expressed concern that the government has failed to fully grasp the impacts of losing the ability to recycle green waste in the Belconnen area.

“I have spoken to many constituents who are concerned about the Parkwood facility closing,” Mr Cain said.

“Rather than continuing to ignore the issue of green waste capacity in Belconnen, this Labor-Greens government needs to listen to operators and work with the community to provide a solution for green waste in Belconnen.

“Without adequate green waste capacity in Belconnen, it is estimated that this will cause an extra 100,000km worth of emissions per month with many operators forced to drive to Mitchell or Mugga Lane to dispose of green waste.

“This government must answer for the significant environmental impacts on all of Canberra caused by its failure to provide green waste capacity in Belconnen,” Mr Cain concluded.