New Access Canberra Platform fails to deliver


The ACT Government’s new Access Canberra platform has failed to meet expectations of the community, following a number of complaints about the functionality of the website.

Canberrans have reported being unable to lodge issues via the Fix My Street system because of dead links and multiple system error messages, making it difficult for a number of local issues to be raised and fixed.

Canberra Liberals Leader Elizabeth Lee said this is just another example of the Labor-Greens Government failing to deliver basic services Canberrans expect.

“I have been contacted by a number of constituents who have been unable to use the updated platform and they are rightfully frustrated,” Ms Lee said.

“The new system offers nothing new and does not improve government services. What Canberrans want is for their footpaths, streetlights and potholes to be fixed as quickly as possible.

“These problems need to be addressed by the government quickly to ensure members of the community have a functioning platform to raise basic maintenance issues in their neighbourhood," Ms Lee concluded.

Shadow Minister for Regulatory Services Peter Cain said that Canberrans rely on the Fix My Street portal to communicate with the government, with an average of 850 Fix My Street requests every week.

“Canberrans have clearly embraced Fix My Street, and now all of that data collected prior to the changes has been lost and requests will need to start all over again,” Mr Cain said.

“This government has a track record of long wait times, a lack of communication and is sometimes responsible for not acting on Fix My Street requests at all.

“Labor and the Greens are taking Canberrans for granted and it is absolutely clear that the community has lost confidence and trust in this government.”