High levels of lead dust found at Kingston’s Old Bus Depot


Three construction employees who worked on renovations at Kingston’s Old Bus Depot were found to have elevated lead blood levels Freedom of Information documents have revealed.

The documents sought by the Canberra Liberals also show high levels of lead dust particles were found across many areas of the building including the food court, workshop and foreshore space.

Shadow Minister for Jobs and Workplace Affairs Peter Cain said the presence of hazardous and toxic materials at any site where people work, or visit is obviously concerning.

“We know that this government has a track record of poor management of these substances in our community, especially in our government schools,” said Mr Cain.

“It's incumbent upon the ACT Government to assure the community that no members of the public are at risk and that appropriate steps are being taken to safeguard the health of current and former workers at the site.

“There has been little clarity from the government on what remediation work has been done to this point, what work still needs to be completed and the complexity of that work.

“The government needs to be completely transparent with Canberrans when it comes to hazardous materials in all public spaces across the ACT,” Mr Cain concluded.