Vital funding for women’s diabetes support program not supported by government


The Capital Chicks program run by Diabetes NSW & ACT recently had its funding application rejected by the ACT Government.

The program supports Canberra women living with diabetes, including gestational diabetes. To date There have been 7888 registrations, with 57 per cent of those women becoming active users of the program.

Capital Chicks was developed to promote wellbeing and assist in the prevention and management of gestational and Type 2 diabetes in addition to other chronic diseases that also benefit from health and well-being advice and support.

Shadow Minister for Women Nicole Lawder said it is disappointing the government has decided not to support this essential women’s health service.

“The Capital Chicks Program is a fantastic online platform from Diabetes NSW & ACT,” Ms Lawder said.

“It is absolutely shameful that this Labor-Greens Government is responsible for the rejection of funds for this crucial initiative.

“The government loves to talk about supporting women but when push comes to shove, they’ve failed to support many Canberra women living with diabetes.

“Capital Chicks is so important for women experiencing this chronic condition. I call on the government to reverse its decision and support this vital program,” Ms Lawder concluded.