​Peter Cain invites Minister for Planning to tour Belconnen


Yesterday during Question Time, Liberal MLA for Ginninderra Peter Cain extended an open invitation to the Minister for Planning to tour Belconnen with him to see how the broken planning system actually affects Canberrans.

Mr Cain said he encourages the minister to come to Belconnen to hear firsthand from constituents how policies from the Labor-Greens Government are making it impossible for them to buy a home.

“The government’s infill policy just means we end up with blocks of units taking over our suburbs. What Canberrans really want is a freestanding house,” said Mr Cain.

“The minister talks about an efficient, compact city, but the reality is that the people of Belconnen are not getting the services they need to make that kind of city work.

“The government is neglecting local shops and green spaces, doesn’t deliver effective public transport networks, and has no long-term plan for cycle paths connecting Belconnen to the rest of Canberra.

“For example, the delayed development at Kippax Fair, which would see a much-needed upgrade to the shopping centre, will also allow for units to be built on an oval.

“That’s what the government’s infill will really achieve – the loss of green space in our bush capital for future generations.

"We're overdue for a planning minister with vision, who will put the needs of Canberrans first in designing and creating a Canberra for the next 50 years," Mr Cain concluded.