​Decaying Lake Tuggeranong Research Project on water quality adding plastic to the lake


The Minister for Water has once again deflected questions about the deteriorating Lake Tuggeranong Research Project.

After several attempts by Liberal Member for Brindabella Nicole Lawder to raise the issue in the Legislative Assembly today, the Minister accused Ms Lawder of being anti-science.

“My concern and continuing questions about the research project in Lake Tuggeranong have nothing to do with being anti-science,” said Ms Lawder.

“Residents have an abandoned experiment by the Labor-Greens Government to improve water quality in Lake Tuggeranong that is now adding to the lake’s pollution and spreading plastic throughout the water.

“The decaying experiment is adding to the long list of water quality issues we have in Lake Tuggeranong and it’s simply not good enough. It is time the Minister took some action and got the experiment cleaned up or removed.

“For years now, this government has poured money into improving water quality at Lake Tuggeranong and residents just aren’t experiencing any results.

“The least the Minister can do while we are experiencing these water quality issues is ensure that the projects he is responsible for are not adding to the problem.” Ms Lawder concluded.