​Canberra Liberals urge the Chief Minister to do more to stop rising petrol prices in the ACT


In Question Time today, the Chief Minister was asked questions about rising petrol prices in the ACT and why the government is yet to use powers under the Fair Trading Act to impose a cap.

Canberra Liberals Leader, Elizabeth Lee, said the Chief Minister continues to talk a big game when it comes to fuel prices in the ACT, but has failed to implement all recommendations that came out of a seven-month Legislative Assembly inquiry in 2019.

“Cost of living pressures are increasing for Canberrans and it is clear reforms are necessary to help make the petrol market more transparent and predictable in the ACT,” said Ms Lee.

“The Chief Minister has the powers under the Fair Trading Act to intervene and impose a cap to ensure Canberrans are not continually ripped off at the petrol bowser.

“A Legislative Assembly Inquiry into ACT fuel pricing in 2019 made five recommendations and the government is yet to implement all of the recommendations.

“The Canberra Liberals took a number of policies to the last election including a commitment to trial real-time petrol price monitoring and a price cap. We have always said we are prepared to work with the government to implement reforms that will ensure Canberrans are paying a fair price for petrol.

“Whilst the Chief Minister acknowledged he would intervene in the event of a prolonged period of high petrol prices, I urge the government to be more transparent about implementing the inquiry’s recommendations to make sure that Canberrans are not being ripped off,” Ms Lee concluded.

Background: 2019 Assembly Inquiry into Fuel Pricing