​Needs of local businesses must be priority for Braddon upgrade


Proposed plans to upgrade Lonsdale Street in Braddon next year must meet the needs of local businesses following genuine consultation.

Members of the community and business owners in Braddon hold concerns over proposed upgrades that would result in the loss of parking spaces.

Canberra Liberals Leader and MLA for Kurrajong, Elizabeth Lee, said under the current proposed plan up to 25 carparks could be slashed, without additional parking provided in the area.

“Local businesses and customers have told us repeatedly that parking on Lonsdale Street is already difficult as it is,” said Ms Lee.

“Cutting a further 25 spaces would put even more pressure on parking in Braddon, which is rightly leaving businesses and their customers concerned.

“Any plans to upgrade the area must ensure there are parking options available and must include genuine consultation with local traders,” Ms Lee concluded.

Shadow Minister for Business, Leanne Castley, said cuts to parking would result is small businesses losing customers.

“The number one priority for business is getting customers through the door, and fewer carparks means fewer customers, it’s as simple as that,” said Ms Castley.

“Parking is already a big concern for business owners in Braddon, losing a further 25 carparks is significant.

“We want people to visit Braddon’s bars, cafes and restaurants but they will go elsewhere if they cannot find a park, and many won’t return,” Ms Castley concluded.