400 empty properties as thousands of Canberrans remain on the waiting list for public housing


Across the ACT, more than 400 public housing properties are sitting empty while thousands of Canberrans remain on the public housing waiting list.

Canberra Liberals Leader, Elizabeth Lee, said it is a disgrace for the Labor-Greens Government, who ran on a platform of 'A Home For All' at the last election, to allow so many public housing properties to sit vacant.

"There are almost 200 vulnerable Canberrans on the priority waiting list, waiting on average nine months for a home," Ms Lee said.

"The remaining Canberrans on the list are waiting as long as three years or more for public housing. Labor and the Greens are leaving too many Canberrans behind.

"While there are families and vulnerable women and children waiting for homes, public housing developments like Lowanna Street, Braddon have remained empty for over five years.

"It is totally unnacceptable for the government to have this relatively new complex sit empty and in squalor while there is a critical shortage of public housing in the ACT.

"It is time for this government to admit they have let Canberrans down and to start fixing the mess they have created," Ms Lee concluded.

Shadow Minister for Housing, Mark Parton, said the Canberra Liberals have continually put forward policy initiatives to address the housing crisis across the ACT.

“Labor and the Greens are all talk and no action when it comes to helping vulnerable families in the ACT," Mr Parton said.

“In Braddon, we have a property containing 10 apartments that has sat empty for over five years, after costing the Canberra taxpayer $2.6 million to build.

“This government is falling so far behind when it comes to providing housing to those in desperate need. We cannot continue to have priority families waiting nine months for a home while so many properties around Canberra remain empty,” Mr Parton concluded.