​Infrastructure underspend creates more Labor-Greens delays and failure


The latest underspending on much-needed infrastructure in the ACT is the latest example of the Labor-Greens Government’s growing list of delays and failures.

Canberra Liberals Leader, Elizabeth Lee, said the $250m underspend last year could have ramifications for years.

“Only after the election did the Chief Minister raise concerns about his ability to deliver the infrastructure projects he promised Canberrans," Ms Lee said.

“The latest underspend on infrastructure is just another example of Labor and the Greens breaking their promises.

“The Chief Minister needs to fully explain what planned funding wasn’t expended and how this will impact delivery timeframes.

“Will we see more delays to the Canberra Hospital expansion, light rail extension or to the removal of hazardous materials in our schools?

“We have already seen the expansion of the Canberra Hospital and the extension of light rail blow out by years. Canberrans cannot afford more delays.

“The Chief Minister must tell the community which infrastructure projects are going to suffer further delays or not be delivered.

"If this is what we are seeing from the Labor-Greens Government just five months after an election, every Canberran has the right to be seriously concerned about what this means for our city over the next three-and-a-half years,” Ms Lee concluded.