​Extended dog park delays causing frustration for locals


The Yarralumla Dog Park remains closed despite the Labor-Greens Government initially telling residents it would reopen in early November 2020.

Liberal MLA for Murrumbidgee, Giulia Jones, said residents in the area have been without a dog park since October last year and the government needs to tell the community when the park will reopen.

“The government has said multiple times since October 2020 that the park will be open in ‘several weeks’ but, five months on, the dog park remains closed to the public,” said Mrs Jones.

“Residents of Yarralumla and surrounding suburbs deserve to know when their dog park will reopen. It is not good enough for the government to tell the local community to use another park in Duffy or O’Connor indefinitely.

“Some residents are put off by the unacceptable levels of pollution in the lake and don’t want to risk their dog getting sick. They really need the dog park to open now.

“Latest information from the government indicates the park might reopen in June 2021. I have little faith in this given the other timeframes have been so wrong.

“This is another example of Labor and the Greens failing to deliver on their promises, with many other projects across Canberra suffering significant delays,” Mrs Jones concluded.