​Eyesore shows Government neglect of our suburbs


An empty building in Springbank Rise, Casey has become a derelict eyesore despite being approved as a childcare centre almost four years ago.

The former sales office is ugly; a graffitied building strewn with rubbish yet ironically on the edge of a beautiful pond and houses.

Liberal MLA for Yerrabi Leanne Castley said in mid-2017 the building was approved as a $255,000 childcare centre but there has been no construction since.

“How can the Labor-Greens government allow such an eyesore in a beautiful spot, next to a pond, lovely green spaces and a residential area,” Ms Castley said.

“So much for their rhetoric about improving our suburbs and environment when you have this blight on the landscape. It is a disgrace.”

The 2 Minty Grove Casey site was sold in October 2014 and approved for development on August 10, 2017. Lessees have two years from the approval date to start building and two years from then to finish work.

On December 9 last year a S197 Amendment was lodged to amend the application to add a nature playspace and shade sails.

“The childcare centre should have started work by August 10, 2019 and be finished by August 10 this year. Instead the cyclone fencing is broken, there is rubbish everywhere and residents are fed up,” Ms Castley said.

“What has happened since the DA was approved in 2017 and December last year when the amendment was lodged? The Labor-Green government is thumbing its nose to he thousands of Canberrans who moved into Springbank Rise.

“Former Chief Minister Jon Stanhope opened the sales office in 2011 saying that, when completed in 2016, the area would cover over 103 hectares with one third as open green space.

“What Mr Stanhope did not know was that his successor would allow such a beautiful area to be sullied by this eyesore which makes a mockery of our development laws,” Ms Castley concluded.