​Time for action to tackle hazardous materials in schools


With the revelation yesterday that every district of Canberra has schools affected by hazardous materials, it’s time for the Education Minister Yvette Berry to step up and tell concerned parents what the government is doing to fix it.

Shadow Minister for Education Jeremy Hanson said the Minister’s handling of this saga has been chaotic and unacceptable.

“The Minister has now provided the names of the 76 affected schools without any explanation or details,” Mr Hanson said.

“Parents and staff want to know.

“The communication around this issue has been appalling. The Minister seems to be totally resistant to providing parents with the necessary information.

“On issues like this you can’t have enough information. The more information people have it provides assurance that the government is doing their job and doing all they can to make sure schools are safe.

“We are now in the position where every part of Canberra has schools affected by hazardous materials, with no clear plan from the government about how they will address it.

“I will continue to litigate this issue and demand information to make sure our schools are safe, and that parents and staff are adequately informed,” Mr Hanson concluded.