Hazardous materials in schools


The ACT Labor-Greens Government has confirmed that lead dust has been found in more government schools but has failed to tell parents if their kids' school is affected.

The number of government schools that have been found to contain hazardous materials is alarming.

Last year, the government indicated that 69 schools were identified as containing hazardous materials. This number appears to be growing.

Education Minister Yvette Berry’s response has been slow and inadequate.

The Minister should immediately publish the full list of schools affected by lead paint and asbestos issues. If not, I will continue to pursue this list through Freedom of Information.

The growing number of ACT government schools being impacted by hazardous materials is a direct result of 20 years of neglect from the Labor-Greens Government.

Students and staff deserve schools that are safe. Parents should be able to send their children to school with peace of mind that they will not be exposed to hazardous substances.