​Women’s organisation continually overlooked for government support


Shadow Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence Elizabeth Kikkert has probed the Labor-Greens Government in Estimates on their ability to fund organisations that provide vital support for women and children in the ACT.

Mrs Kikkert raised concerns that not-for-profit organisation Toora Women Inc. has failed to gain government funding for important specialised child trauma counsellors for over three years.

“For over 35 years, Toora have been a firm cornerstone of our community’s response to domestic violence. They often have over 80 children or more in their service on any given day,” Mrs Kikkert said.

“For more than three years, Toora have been petitioning the ACT Government for funding for two specialist children’s counsellors to fill an identified gap in their service provision.

“Their hands-on experience with many children and families makes them a leader in this sector. This is the exact kind of organisation that Canberrans expect their Safer Families Levy to support.

“Even though Toora have been diligently informing the government of this funding need since 2017, the minister seemed unaware of their latest submission.

“This service should already have been funded. Children who have been traumatised due to experiences with domestic and family violence need these specialist counsellors as soon as possible, and I call on the minister to fund them immediately,” Mrs Kikkert concluded.