​Teachers and students let down by ACT Government


It has been revealed in Estimates Hearings today that across many important measures the Labor-Greens Coalition has let ACT government-schools lag behind the rest of the country, Shadow Education Minister Jeremy Hanson said.

“Despite a decade long 20 per cent increase in Federal Government funding for ACT government schools, overall funding is flatlining," said Mr Hanson.

“Productivity Commission data (2020) shows that the ACT Government’s 'recurrent expenditure' for each student has actually decreased since 2008.

“Planning for ACT school growth has also failed with some schools exceeding maximum capacity numbers requiring 148 temporary buildings across our schools to cope.

“There is also an urgent need for higher levels of basic school maintenance with more than half of ACT government schools identified as containing hazardous materials including asbestos and lead paint,” Mr Hanson concluded.