​Labor Greens coalition reject Task Force to tackle poverty


Opposition Leader Elizabeth Lee has slammed the Labor-Greens Government for totally and utterly rejecting Canberra Liberals’ efforts to establish a Poverty Task Force to tackle the rising rate of Canberrans living in poverty.

“Over 38,000 Canberrans including 8,000 children are living in poverty in the ACT and we have Government Ministers saying there is no need for a taskforce because they know exactly what the causes are and what the reasons are. If that is the case why are we in this situation right now,” Ms Lee said.

“Labor and the Greens talk the talk when it comes to abolishing homelessness, poverty and disadvantage but when it comes to doing something: ‘No, not us they say’.

“If this Assembly is to stand up for all Canberrans and if we want to make our great city accessible, sustainable, and inclusive for all everyone, then we must address this silent, and quite frankly, shameful issue of poverty on our doorstep.

“A Poverty Task Force can bring all the best minds; the best evidence; the best hearts with the right backing and credibility to address the underlying causes, the range and depth of reasons and to find solutions.

“The Labor-Greens Government needs to acknowledge the crisis it’s created and work with a Poverty Taskforce to facilitate appropriate consultation with stakeholders, including community sector organisations, industry, and members of the public,” Ms Lee concluded.